Oakland Band Alumni

We are currently in the process of building a database of Oakland Band Alumni!!!  If you have ever been a Director, Student, Parent or Staff Member of the Oakland Band, we want to hear from you!!  The success (past & present) of the Oakland High School Band Program is rich in tradition.  It is our goal to build a database of alumni in order to keep everyone informed of the current activities of the Oakland Band.  In addition, it provides an opportunity for Oakland Band members (past & present) to share stories, pictures and re-connect with old friends.  Please complete the Online Alumni Band Form at your convenience.  Thanks!

We look forward to hearing from you!! 

Ty Jessup, Director of Bands

Oakland High School Band


Near our city’s northern border

Reared against the sky,

Proudly stands our alma mater,

As the years go by.

Forward ever be our watchword,

Conquer and prevail,

Hail to thee our alma mater,

Oakland High all hail.